Our members are from the following hospitals:
University of Washington Medical Center

St Charles Health System

Silverton Health

Skagit Regional Health

Lower Umpqua Hospital

Hawes First Financial

Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center

Mid Columbia Medical Center

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center

Cardon Outreach

Mid Columbia Medical Center

Bay Area Hospital

Skagit Regional Health

Tuality HealthCare

Sky Lakes Medical Center

Blue Mountain Hospital
United General Hospital


Message from the President


Dear GNHAMA members,


I don’t know about you, but change is currently a major part in my organization.  We have a new CEO, CFO, Jr Accountant, DNS, HIM Director and a new Director of HR and we are only a small CAH hospital.  I would say that is a lot of change.  Now to top all of this off we recently went with a new multimillion dollar computer system that is not working for us. So we are in the process of looking for a new system.  So why do I tell you about all these changes, well because change is good.  Change brings us all a new start and fresh look on things.  This is what happens every year with GNHAMA when we get a new President and a new President Elect. 

 It is my desire as your 2013-2014 President to  be transparent with you regarding the future of GNHAMA as much as possible.  Since I am rather new to the organization, compared to some of your other Past Presidents I will rely on the help of others as much as possible.  GNHAMA began in 1967 and was established to look at changes and trends in healthcare that affect admitting/registration/patient access functions.  However, long gone are the days where you could travel several times a year to receive continued education on your employer’s dime.  As it stands today, many of you had to fund your attendance to this very conference. 

 Now let’s talk about the future of GNHAMA.  GNHAMA has 3 Friday workshops and a two day conference each year.  Over the years, many of us have traveled to other towns, stayed in a hotel overnight and our employer wrote the check.  Sound familiar?  Well, as travel and education budgets are either being cut or shaved very thin, I think it’s only fair that we take a look at how we can evolve GNHAMA to meet the educational needs of our members. 

 It is my desire to offer you education opportunities that are not only on target for what you need, but to have them be done in a way that you can afford.  I plan to do this with offering you as many FREE webinars as I can and the use of our FORUM that is currently on our website.   I invite all of you to contribute as much as you can to this great organization.  We all need to participate and provide as much useful information to each other as possible.  These days networking is the best way to learn new things.  I would also like to explore ways of bringing down the cost of our yearly conferences as well.  This is a very hard thing to do with the cost of everything rising, but it will be explored.

 I get very excited about change, therefore I am really excited for all of the possibilities that are now at our fingertips for this next year.  I look forward to working with you.


Sincerely yours,


Cathy Mann
President of GNHAMA
Work: 541-347-2426
Cell: 541-290-7252




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